BIO Cosmeceutical

CIESKIN's Unique Biotechnology Combination

As a growth factor protein product produced with the world's unique recombinant protein technology,
It produces with the highest quality based on world-class biotechnology and protein chemistry.


Natural Extracts

Natural Callus

G9 Growth Factors

CIE Electrophoresis


Cell current (electrical pulse)

1. There is a temporary gap in the cell membrane.
2. The active ingredients penetrate into the cells.


The electrophoresis method

Hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. with high polymer ingredients
It penetrates the dermis


Multi micro pulse and quid vector technology

Skin tissue activation

Medical Nutrition Therapy


The first vitamin mineral prevention medicine therapy system was introduced

Introducing vitamin mineral therapy using nutritional therapy in the medical field


Introduction of Nutrition Therapy Business System in the Medical Sector

Introducing a nutritional therapy system presents a new direction for preventive medicine


Clinical Nutrition Counseling Education and Presentation of New Directions in Preventive Medicine

U&B is the first in Korea to introduce a medical Nutrition system to connect health networks
between doctors and customers and to activate programs that use personalized systems of insufficient vitamins and minerals


Activate clinical nutrition therapy system with the goal of personalized care

Nutrition analysis by individual

Target customized analysis

Nutrition therapy

Magnesium, zinc, etc. Mineral vitamin recommendation